Plucked Hair Analysis


Epistem Pharmacogenomics provide a unique plucked hair biomarker platform which offers an attractive surrogate tissue for monitoring drug induced changes in gene expression profiles in oncology and inflammatory diseases.

Analysis of the bulb region of a single plucked hair provides a simple and minimally invasive technique to access epithelial tissue in:

  • Preclinical settings - analysis of plucked hairs from rodents dogs and primates
  • Clinical settings - analysis of single plucked hairs from humans

Using our extensive database containing gene expression profiling information from mouse, rat and human samples we can confirm if genes of interest are expressed in hair.

We have also developed an ex vivo model in which we can incubate hair plucked from healthy normal volunteers in culture, allowing us to establish drug related changes in gene expression which can guide selection of clinical biomarkers.

Hair is ideal surrogate tissue to monitor drug response and is easy to sample, with good patient compliance and few ethical issues. Hair expression profiling can assist drug development programs in the following areas:

  • Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers - measuring the biological effect a drug has on a target
  • Dose scheduling -  by measuring the duration of drug effects over dose range and time
  • Mechanism of action - bioinformatic analysis of drug response profiles

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