DNA Genotyping Analysis


Epistem Pharmacogenomics provides laboratory GCLP and Point of Care ISO13485 accredited DNA genotyping services.

Laboratory Genotyping

We specialise in developing and validating genotyping assays as well as undertaking the analysis of clinical samples.

Our laboratory genotyping services include:

  • SNP analysis by microarrays
  • SNP analysis by NGS on Illumina platforms
  • Focussed quantitative or qualitative DNA genotyping analysis by RT-PCR

Point of Care Genotyping

Our Genedrive® platform provides near patient genotype results within 60 minutes of sample collection. We are able to assess blood, plasma, buccal swabs, sputum and other biological tissue samples. We have developed companion diagnostic assays for human, bacterial and viral targets and can multiplex assays according to customer requirements.

Low cost and minimal training with a single button activation process provides a simple unequivocal yes/no result. As well as a simple assay preparation process no DNA extraction step is required meaning samples are loaded direct to PCR.

Genedrive® is ideal for point of care target detection and patient stratification applications in phase I - III clinical trials.

For more information please visit www.genedrive.com

More Information

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Epistem also offer a range of preclinical drug development services. For more information please visit www.epistemservices.com

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