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Epistem Pharmacogenomics provides high quality biomarker and personalised medicine Information to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies from very limited quantities of RNA (down to a single cell input). We specialise in advancing drug development programs for oncology, inflammatory and fibrotic disease indications through our innovative plucked hair analysis and laser capture microdissection techniques as well as offering GCLP accredited laboratory gene expression and DNA genotyping services. In addition to our expertise in assessing limited quantities of RNA, we also have extensive experience in developing patient stratification companion diagnostic assays using our point of care Genedrive® platform.

Company Overview

Assessing Limited Quantities of RNA

Epistem's proprietary amplification technique, RNA-Amp™, allows robust gene expression information to be derived from as little as a single cell input

Plucked Hair Analysis

Epistem provides a unique plucked hair biomarker platform to drug development companies targeting intracellular signalling pathways in oncology and other therapeutic areas.

Laser Capture Microdissection

Epistem offers Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) services and subsequent gene expression and DNA genotype analysis. This technique is an ideal method for obtaining molecular analysis of specific cell populations.

Gene Expression Analysis

Epistem provides global (microarray and NGS) and focused (qPCR) mRNA and miRNA gene expression profiling services.

DNA Genotyping Analysis

Epistem provides laboratory based services (microarray, NGS and qPCR) and Point of Care (Genedrive®) DNA genotyping tests.

Liquid Biopsy Analysis

Epistem Pharmacogenomics amplification technology is ideally suited for assessing fluid or tissue based samples that have limited quantities of RNA.

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Latest News

  • Indian approval of import licence for Genedrive® TB molecular diagnostic test


    Epistem announces today that the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has issued an import licence to its Indian distribution partner, Xcelris Labs, for the import of Epistem’s tuberculosis (TB) and antibiotic resistance test.

  • Epistem announces the successful evaluation of new RNA-Amp™ (RNA-amplification) technology


    Epistem announces today the successful evaluation of its RNA-Amp™ technology for single cell expression profiling. The independently published results compared the Epistem technology with three competitor RNA-Amplification products and showed that Epistem’s RNA-Amp™ technology exhibited the highest sensitivity and reproducibility.

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  • Epistem's pharmacogenomics laboratories are GCLP accredited. Our ISO 13485 certification is for design, development, manufacture and distribution of molecular diagnostic instruments and molecular IVD assays.

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